You might be wondering at what age your child should see an orthodontist in the Santa Barbara, CA. While each case is different, the age of consensus among experts (including the American Association of Orthodontists) for your child’s first screening is seven years old.

Getting a look early on will give Dr. McDade, top-rated Santa Barbara, CA orthodontist, and his orthodontics team the best map by which to proceed with orthodontic treatment. It will also provide you with an outline of what to expect between the 8-year and 18-year mark. At 7 years old, your child’s mouth is a blend of baby teeth and adult teeth, all of which are their primary/baby molars and four (at the least) permanent or adult anterior teeth. Proper guidance with jaw development and the creation of adequate room for the bloom of permanent teeth is optimized with advanced intervention.

The cause of and degree to which your child’s teeth are misaligned will determine when they should be fitted for braces. There is a difference of opinion between orthodontists who prefer the traditional route and those who practice an interceptive approach. Between 8 and 14 years old has been the established time frame to begin orthodontic treatment, when the mouth has welcomed nearly all its adult teeth. Now the interceptive method involves going at the issue at an earlier age with a two phase approach.

This treatment begins with the use of dental aids provided by Santa Barbara, CA, orthodontist Dr. McDade while your child is still holding most of their baby teeth. The second part of the procedure comes when your child is in possession of most or all of their adult teeth. The combination of preventative care and corrective procedures can help ensure a long life of straighter, healthier teeth.

Why Should You Visit A Santa Barbara, CA, Orthodontist When Your Child Is 7 Years of Age?

  • crooked teeth
  • under bite
  • overbite
  • issues with jaw growth and alignment seen early
  • problems with developing teeth
  • to help reduce or eliminate more extensive treatments later in life
  • a more precise diagnosis, treatment plan, and timetable over a 10-year period
  • for a second opinion (if you saw another orthodontist first)

We all know how important our teeth are. They help us eat each day, thus aiding in the nourishment we need to survive. They provide us with a confident smile when we’re around others. Teeth can also lead to many health problems if not properly cared for. Our orthodontics team in Santa Barbara will take the time to help your child achieve the straight, healthy smile that is so vital to their well-being. Dr. McDade can give your child a jump-start on straightening teeth, correcting bite concerns, and aligning their jaw. A happier and headache-free future for you and your child starts with a free evaluation at our orthodontics office in Santa Barbara, CA, today.

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our orthodontics office in Santa Barbara, CA, would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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